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Essential basics for the winter wardrobe and the mid-season wardrobe, parka jackets have crossed generations to become essentials winter garments to protect against bad weather such as wind, cold and humidity.

A technical coat adapted to extreme conditions.

Parka jackets often mean extreme cold conditions. At Pyrenex, this saying is still true. We offer a series of warm jackets with a generous filling of Pyrenex natural down, which is the result of historical know-how. Its first-class inflatability ensures high-quality thermal insulation combining warmth, softness and lightness, ideal when temperatures are below zero. The technical, durable and waterproof (or water-repellent) fabrics complete the protective aspect of this garment. Combined with real furs at the hood, you have the ultimate cold weather jacket, emblematic of outdoor expeditions! And since winter doesn't last twelve months, we have developed a line of parkas and other lighter windbreakers, with or without down, to offer you optimal protection in spring and summer. 

Trendy design and modern style.

Technicality and fashion are not antinomic. We are keen to offer models of parkas and other short bombers, with or without hoods, which adapt to all styles and needs, whether for a daily protection in an urban environment, or for trips to the icy shores of the far north or the snow-covered mountains all over the world. Choose mid-length or even short versions if you're short, or go for longer, less fitted versions if you're tall or simply looking for a looser, streetwear style that's very trendy in the city. In all situations: elegance and comfort are common characteristics of all our models. Wrap-around cuts, generous hoods and natural French down filling are the key elements in the Autumn-Winter 2021/22 product line. Tones of browns and reds are carefully injected with a subtle reference to those inspiring cobblestone streets and iconic city monuments. They bring an urban fashion twist to the collection with small pieces that can be layered as much as desired: a new chic and modern approach at the same time blending elaborate looks with all-terrain features.

Enjoy a wide choice of materials and colours on our online shop. From classic tones such as matte black, navy blue or khaki to brighter colours such as green, electric blue or white, there is something for everyone!